Club Sponsors

We are very pleased to announce the below club sponsors. We encourage our members to support our sponsors who support our club and enable our club to operate, hold events and provide ongoing services to players and members. Please support our sponsors click on the sponsors logo to visit their website.

For any enquiries in relation to sponsorship please email sponsorship@diamondcreekjfc.com.au

If you would like to be a sponsor, click HERE to see different sponsorship packages available.


Team Sponsors

Diamond Creek Junior Football Club also have Team Sponsorships available for each season.

Team sponsorships are great value at $600.00.

You receive:

– Tear drop flag displayed at all events. –

– Business details displayed on the Clubroom TV’s on a Friday night. –

– Business details displayed on Team Sheet of DCJFC Website. –

– Sponsor promotion in clubrooms following Friday Night training if this suits your business. –

If you would like to become a sponsor you can contact us anytime on sponsorship@diamondcreekjfc.com.au where we can discuss these options and opportunities further.


Diamond Creek Junior Football Club is proud to provide an opportunity for children in Diamond Creek and surrounding areas to learn, grow and develop through the participation in the game of Australian Rules Football. We are based at Coventry Oval, Diamond Creek and also use Marngrook Oval, Diamond Creek as a secondary home ground.
As a junior club the most important aspect is providing our kids with all the necessary facilities and best possible support, so they can enjoy physical activity, create lifelong friendships and develop as a footballer. As a community-based club, we also endeavour to keep our playing fees and uniform costs at the lowest possible levels to ensure that we are able to attract and include all participants regardless of their family’s financial position. Whilst registrations cover part of the cost in running games each week, the real lifeline to growing our club is through donations and sponsorship support.
The club has some fantastic current sponsors who are committed to our success however we are hoping to grow our sponsorship relationships so if you own a family business or know someone who does, you work for a local business or just a family keen to sponsor their kids’ team and might be interested in sponsoring Diamond Creek Junior Football Club, remember, sponsorships are often tax deductible for businesses.

Some of the benefits of sponsoring Diamond Creek Junior Football Club are

1. Introduce new customers to your company
2. Increase loyalty of current customers to your company
3. Increase direct sales
4. Increase brand awareness of your company

    If you would like to become a sponsor please contact Matt Nugent at sponsorship@diamondcreekjfc.com.au or call 0400 020 688